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Companion Travels FREE, Comprehensive, fully-accredited CME courses, Exclusive - Limited number of delegates per sailing


VIP Very Important Partner Program

Unique to CMEatSEA, our "Very Important Partner" program offers your spouse a variety of courses/lectures on topics relevant to the needs of a physician's family, including classes in personal development, medical marriages and retirement planning. Each conference also includes a variety of social events such as shore excursions exclusively for VIP participants and their families. From a full day to explore a deserted island in Tahiti, a sunset dinner in the hills of Santorini and an evening at the Beijing Opera, to enjoying a cocktail in an "Ice Bar" in Sweden - the range of experiences is endless. These extraordinary shared experiences lead to a level of camaraderie, and lifelong friendships unlike anything else.

Facilitated by Gwen Powell, The VIP Program offers sessions that speak to the Partners, as individuals, and are scheduled during the times that physicians are in their sessions. Every part of our VIP program is attended to with care and detail.

Gwen Powell

Gwen joined the CMEatSEA team in 2003, with 25 years of experience in facilitating and leading seminars. She had recently "retired" from her long time career and came to CME to assist with the VIP's (Very Important Partners). Not only did she enjoy the experience, the feedback from the participants was so inspiring that here we are many years later, and as they say, "the rest is history"!

OBJECTIVES within the program

  • Learn tools and techniques which enhance all areas of daily family and professional life
  • Deliver practical, current and relevant information for Retirement Planning
  • Provide a supportive environment that encourages discussion relating to a physician's family life
  • Enjoy social activities that inspire a sense of celebration and friendship

Features of Our VIP Program


VIP offers interesting and informative classes that aid in personal development as well as sessions that offer current information for health and wealth goals. The Partner Program also provides practical relevant education in two of the most common areas for spousal involvement:

  1. Personal Retirement Planning - Our presenters specialize in the financial planning needs of physicians. They focus on the practical use of financial planning to help them manage their savings, investments, and insurance programs. All the while offering an unbiased insight into working with financial services providers.
  2. Practice Management - When relevant to the spouse, the speakers focus on the assessment, review and implementation of applicable business models and tools in medical practices.


  • Exclusive social events that inspire group participation and friendship
  • Exclusive shore excursions for participants and their families on select sailings
  • Gourmet Cooking and Luncheons with Executive Chefs and Wine Tastings
  • VIP program it was easy for spouses to meet and get to know one another... many friendships continue long after the cruise is over


  1. Relationship Sessions
    • Learn tips on how to thrive in a medical marriage
  2. Personal Development Sessions
    • Entertaining and informative learning environment that covers a variety of topics such as; 5 Principles for Keeping Life Perspective, Stress Management, Communication and Behaviour Styles, Generational Differences and Life Skills
  3. FUN!


"The Partner Program has enhanced my cruise experience and is the natural complement to the CMEatSEA program"
Kathy Giancarlo

"The Partner Program is a series of interesting, thoughtful and well-organized group discussions, presentations and excursions. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience"
Carol-Anne McInnes

"Congratulations Gwen - you have taught us to expect the best and you always follow through. I'm looking forward to the next program. You make it easy for me to be myself and step out of my comfort zone with making me uncomfortable. Thanks so much"
Lynne Riedl

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