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Oceania Cruises

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Artist Loft

For budding artists, there is the Artist Loft enrichment center, where talented artists-in-residence offer step-by-step instruction. Under their watchful eye, you may paint with oils or watercolors, sketch or create collages. The courses change continually and are designed with every level in mind, so everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals will find the classes engaging and enriching. With the masters' guidance, your talents will quickly blossom.

Bars & Lounges


Martinis serves numerous incarnations of this famous cocktail in an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of a private gentleman's club, featuring live piano music.

Grand Bar

Enjoy spirited conversation with new found friends amid the opulence of the convivial Grand Bar.


From headline acts to comedians and magicians to lively jazz ensembles, the Lounge is the center of nightly entertainment aboard Oceania Cruises.


An elegant observation lounge with dramatic floor to ceiling windows and a country club casual ambiance, Horizons features their beloved teatime by day and transforms into a sophisticated evening venue by night. Dance the night away to the sounds of a lively musical group and enjoy cocktails with friends at the convivial bar. 

Casino Bar

Try your hand at exciting table games such as blackjack, poker and roulette while enjoying a delightful cocktail from the Casino Bar. The air's always charged with anticipation as guests gather around the tables and the slot machines jingle with jackpots.

Waves Bar

Located in shaded area steps from the swimming pool, Waves Bar offers a wide variety of libations to enhance your poolside experience. A perfect afternoon on the deck with your favorite cocktail or a glass of wine or beer can be further enhanced with a decadent dessert such as a creamy homemade gelato, a made-to-order hot fudge sundae or a thick, hand-dipped milkshake. Nearby, at Waves Grill, chefs grill gourmet burgers, tangy barbecue and succulent seafood to order in the open galley, accompanying them with the side dishes like garden-fresh salads and crispy, hand-cut truffle fries dusted with grated aged parmesan.


Their three stylish boutiques feature a bounty of items ranging from sundries to designer casual wear. Feel free to browse through their array of duty-free merchandise including fine jewelry, fragrances and Oceania Cruises logo wear.

Casinos At Sea

Getting started is easy. Stop by the casino cage and pick up your Oceania Cruises casino player card and start earning points today, by inserting your player card while playing your favorite slot machines and table games. The more you play, the more you earn! 

Onboard Shows

If you're an arts aficionado, you'll find their entertainment lively and engaging. Evenings aboard can be anything you desire. Marvel at the continuously changing talented guest entertainers as you delight in themed music sets and colorful folkloric shows inspired by your locale. Relax to the classical melodies of the string quartet. Chat with newfound friends over cocktails in Martinis as you enjoy the live piano music. Attend a spectacular production show in the Lounge, dance the night away in Horizons to the sounds of a marvelous musical group or show your talent at karaoke. Bold and crowd-thrilling, nostalgic and upbeat, or intimate and sophisticated – whatever you choose, the night is yours.

Marina's versatile and talented cast performs the following diverse production shows:

I Love Being Here With You: The Music of Peggy Lee
This elegant homage brings a concert of song and dance celebrating America's jazz and popular music icon Peggy Lee with memorable hits like "Fever," "It's a Good Day," and "Heart." So, "Why Don't You Do Right"…and join us for this magical evening of entertainment!

The Great American Song Factory
The Great American Song Factory is a celebration of "The Brill Building Sound," singing and dancing its way through recording studios, a sock hop, pajama party, "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "American Bandstand" on a fast-paced nostalgic journey as the beat goes on and on.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
"Daniel Is Leaving Tonight on a Plane" – leaving behind his rock band and the bright lights of NYC. It's nothing a good deal of singing and dancing can't overcome in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road , a foot-stomping musical journey through some of the greatest hits from the Elton John songbook.

Dancin' Fool 
Put on your dancin' shoes and join us for an evening of great music and lots of dancing! Their Dancin' Fool will take you on a toe tappin' journey you won't want to miss!


Enrich your mind in the tranquility of their English-style Library with over 2,000 books and periodicals ranging from destination-specific guide books to best-selling mysteries to classic literature.

Pool & Sports Deck

With a large heated pool and three whirlpool spas, there is always room for a refreshing dip in the pool, poolside relaxation, or a soothing spa experience.

The Culinary Center

For those enthusiasts seeking enlightenment beyond that found in a library or a lecture, Riviera and Marina offer the first custom-designed and truly hands-on cooking school at sea. At The Culinary Center, you will learn how to prepare a variety of exquisite dishes at your own fully equipped workstation in a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. Master Chefs from around the world offer guidance and inspiration to fine-tune your techniques, but you will actually prepare the dishes yourself. It's the ultimate way to learn and truly absorb every step of each recipe, especially since at select ports you may accompany the instructor chefs while shopping for fresh ingredients ashore at local markets on their exclusive Culinary Discovery Tours™.

Onboard Cooking Classes
All Things Roman
For centuries the world has come to Rome, bringing every imaginable spice, ingredient and cooking technique. This ancient city has never lost its love of home-cooked meals, or "casareccia," despite the culinary opulence, trends and passions that come and go in this glorious city. Celebrate the favorite pastas of Roman homes, such as fettuccine alfredo and bucatini all'amatriciana, as well as grilled lamb chops and a delectable Roman dessert. 

Ancient Cuisines
Based on the travels of Executive Chef Kelly in Morocco and Turkey, this class explores the trending culinary traditions and recipes of two ancient and revered cuisines. Learn the basics of tagine cookery and gain an appreciation for how the foods of these two great countries have influenced modern world gastronomy. Learn how to make nut milks and preserved lemons – prized in the Arab region and around the world. These cuisines are favorites amongst their chefs, and the recipes are beyond delicious. 

Brunch Comforts
Whether gathering together with old friends, spending time with family or celebrating the joys of the weekend, brunch makes a fabulous occasion to try out new recipes and savor great comfort food. Master the techniques of egg cookery and classic brunch dishes perfect for incorporating your own signature flair, plus learn entertaining tips and tricks that make hosting brunch a breeze. 

Cooking Fresh
A healthy diet doesn't need to sacrifice flavor. Learn the techniques and ingredients to maintain a healthy, fresh and flavorful kitchen through recipes inspired by the world's most revered health food chefs, Michael Solomonov and Yotam Ottolenghi. You will also master the most popular and requested recipes from the celebrated Canyon Ranch® menus featured on board the ships of Oceania Cruises.

Essential Pasta
We all love ordering pasta when traveling in Italy or during a night out, but the true Italian tradition is to enjoy pasta at home. This popular class covers the fundamental techniques of pasta preparation: fresh versus dried, cookery and sauces. Gather around their chef's station to experience the joy of making fresh pasta, and then roll out pasta dough at your own cooking station and prepare it with different sauces.

Greek Tonight
Greek cuisine is so popular with their faculty that Oceania asked them to nominate their favorite recipes from their top destinations in Greece: Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Corfu and Athens. Travel with us across Greece and learn the secrets for perfect grilling, warming spices, preparing seasonal vegetables and using the key ingredient – extra virgin olive oil. If you are a fan of healthy food with lots of flavor, this class is a must for your culinary bucket list.

Grill School
This class explores the ancient culinary tradition common to all regions of the world – cooking with fire. From the sear marks on a juicy steak to the crumbling char of a Sicilian eggplant, grilling over fire is more than a technique – it is an art form practiced the world over. This class teaches you essential fundamentals and nuanced techniques for cooking with high heat.

If It Swims
As we all balance their diets for diversity, fish is one protein that consistently intimidates even the most experienced of home cooks. In this popular technique-driven class, you'll master the basics of fish cookery: searing, baking, shallow poaching, deep poaching and curing. When you finish this class, you will know how to purchase and store fish and how to prepare it in a diverse number of ways. This class also shares the passion and practices in the worldwide chef community for sustainable fishing and responsible aquaculture.

In the Kitchen with Jacques
Help us celebrate the glorious career of their Executive Culinary Director, Jacques Pépin. Regarded in the chef community as the master of technique, Jacques has demonstrated a lifelong passion for culinary technique that inspired this class. Brush up on your knife skills and master the emulsion – the secret to perfect salad dressings. Prepare a collection of delicious dishes while practicing the basic techniques that chefs have learned from Jacques over the past six decades.

Most Requested Red Ginger
Their famed restaurant Red Ginger is the inspiration for their class devoted to Asian cuisine. In this class you will explore two diverse cuisines: Chinese and Thai. You will master classic Asian ingredients as well as fundamental cooking techniques such as knife skills, mise en place and high-heat cooking. You also will learn how to work with rice paper and pad Thai noodles. 

Pucker Up: Love and Lemons
As a favorite ingredient of most chefs, lemons bring zest and flavor to whatever dish they adorn. Celebrate the diversity and splendor of the lemon from the Amalfi Coast of Italy and throughout the Mediterranean. Master the art of the famed northern Italian risotto, prepare a Roman-inspired lemon chicken scaloppine and make limoncello from scratch. You also will enjoy one of their most requested desserts – drunken limoncello cakes. 

Rethink the Crêpe
While most people may think of the crêpe as French cuisine, this little envelope of love is popular everywhere and enjoyed in many variations the world over. From authentic buckwheat galettes to sweet crêpes Suzette, the recipes in this class will renew your passion for crêpes and their luscious fillings and toppings. Sweet, savory and everything in between – prepare to be amazed by the world of crêpes.

Slice: Mastering Chef Knife Skills
Oceania Cruises is proud to partner with Zwilling Company, makers of the chef-favorite J.A. Henckels knives, to develop one of their top guest-requested classes – a comprehensive knife skills class. You'll get a chef's look at a complete pantry of knives and enjoy the chance to try out a few chef knives to discover the best option for you. You'll also learn how to sharpen and maintain this essential kitchen tool, practice various knife cuts and discover how to safely use the mandolin slicer – Chef Pépin's favorite kitchen tool. At the conclusion of your class, you'll receive a special Knife Skills certificate along with a savings voucher for your favorite Zwilling Company knives. 

The Nordic Kitchen
Delight in the delectable cuisine of Scandinavia and Northern Europe as you take a culinary voyage around the Baltic, discovering the secrets of delicacies from both land and sea. Savor regional specialties such as Estonian fish soup, Nordic salmon rillettes, gravlax cured in the traditional Scandinavian spirit and hearty meatballs with a Swedish flair. 

The Sicilian Kitchen
Enhanced over the centuries by Greek, Italian, Arab, French and Spanish culinary influences, Sicilian cuisine exemplifies the inventive use of local and seasonal ingredients. Join in a celebration of pasta, fish and rice dishes from the home kitchens of their Sicilian faculty. You also will learn what makes Sicilian olive oil and wines so popular. 

Viva España
In recent years Spanish cuisine has transformed the culinary world. While the modernist gastronomy movement was being born in Catalonia, a resurgence of traditional tapas and pintxos swept through Spain beginning in San Sebastián. From paella to patatas bravas, this class celebrates the rich history of Spanish cuisine as well as the modern dishes that have evolved from this flavorful mosaic.