What Does Undertaking Means in Legal Terms

Nglish: Translation of commitment for Spanish speakers See the full definition of companies in the dictionary of English language learners “Never give or accept an obligation that is beyond your control. If you want a customer to do something, know that you are not assuming the customer`s obligations. “An obligation is any unequivocal statement of intent addressed to a person who reasonably relies on it and made by: (a) a lawyer in the course of his or her work, either in person or by a member of his or her staff; or (b) a lawyer as a “lawyer”, but not in the course of his or her business; that is personally binding on the lawyer (or, in the case of an employee, his employer). Business in general, an agreement means being responsible for something. In a legal context, it is usually a party who accepts a contract of suretyship under which it pays a debt or performs an obligation when the other person who is required to pay the debt or perform the obligation does not do so. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “business.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. “. Some lawyers give or accept commitments that are beyond their control. An example of a bad business is: “I commit to having my client complete the document by December 31, 2011.” In criminal proceedings, an obligation to release on bail is the guarantee of the appearance of the accused. In the event that the defendant does not show up, the amount deposited as a deposit will be forfeited. “There is a reasonable assumption that the lawyer`s obligations will be fulfilled and that the courts should do whatever is necessary to continue this practice.” “The nature of a lawyer`s duty has often been examined by the courts, usually in the context of a summary procedure to enforce the obligation. The law governing this case came to us from England and we generally sought advice from the English authorities. “In the event of a breach of a lawyer`s obligation, this reflects not only the integrity of that member, but also the integrity of the profession as a whole.” a) No later than 15 days after the third party`s claim is submitted to the tax official in accordance with § 720.120 or 720.220 or 15 days after the submission of a declaration of commitment in accordance with § 720.610, either the creditor or the third party may request a hearing in court, establish the validity of the third party claim and the correct disposition of the goods that are the subject of the claim.

(b) Oral proceedings may take place irrespective of whether or not an obligation has been filed, but not if an advance payment has been made in accordance with Article 720.260. (c) The hearing shall take place within 20 days of the filing of the application, unless it is continued by the court for just cause. Below are examples of state laws that deal with businesses: Thesaurus: All Synonyms and Antonyms for BusinessEs A written promise offered as collateral to perform a specific action required in a court case. “This company is not under the control of the lawyer, because it is up to the client to decide whether the client executes the document or not. If the client does not execute the document, the lawyer has breached the obligation and is the subject of a complaint to the Law Society. “Statements are seen as solemn, if not sacred, promises that lawyers make only to themselves, but also to members of the public with whom they communicate in the context of legal matters. These companies are an integral part of legal practice and play a particularly important role in the field of real estate transactions as a means of speeding up and simplifying these transactions. A company with adequate security is a guarantee. The term is used in a general sense to refer to any type of promise or purpose. 27-18-302. Statement of Commitment Presented — Sheriff`s Responsibility.

The sheriff then submits this obligation to the clerk of the district court on which the seizure order is based, and that sheriff then ceases to be liable under that order for payment, and all actions against that corporation are directed against the debtors named in that corporation. 11.16.070 Submission of an undertaking. Instead of making a general or special deposit or supplementing a general deposit that is not sufficient, the moving agent may submit to the Commissioner an obligation of at least one thousand dollars, executed either by two good and sufficient guarantees, or by a company formed for the purpose of guaranteeing or guaranteeing bonds or obligations, which comply with Article 1056 of the Code of Civil Procedure, and by the removal agent provided that all costs and other charges required by this Article may become due on the basis of authorizations issued for a period of at least one year. . In Ontario, Justice Linden of the Supreme Court of Ontario at Valleyfield Construction wrote: Note: Obligations are often imposed on one party in estate actions (such as seizure) to compensate the other party if the court`s action (as in the case of seizure of property) is subsequently found to be unjustified. . COMMITMENT, CONTRACTS. An obligation between one Party and the other and not the mutual obligation of the Parties to each other; a promise. 5 East, R.

17; 2. Leon. 224, 5; 4 B and A. 595. In Hammond v. Law Society, Southin J. of the same court: In kutilin v. Auerbach, Justice Esson of the British Columbia Court of Appeal adopted these words, relying on the professional conduct of lawyers (1986), the London Bar: […].


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