Compare CME at SEA with other Courses

  CMEatSEA Other Companies that Provide Courses at Sea
5 speakers – leaders in the industry X  
Local Content X  
2 Cocktail Parties X  
VIP status on the Cruise X  
Hosted coffee breaks X  
Hosted Dinner tables X  
Canadian Designed Content X  
Souvenir Golf Shirt X  
Evening Pillow Gifts each night X  
Photo with Souvenir Frame X  
1+ onboard CME staff X  
Daily Wave CME Newsletter X  
Open 7 days a week X  
Convenient – phone/fax/email X  
Savings – Partner Cruises for FREE X  
25 Years in the Cruise Industry X  
Onboard Travel Concierge   X
Special Surprise Gift   X
1 Cocktail Party   X