Frequently Asked Questions


How many credits can I earn?

For 2021-2022 Conferences, you will earn up to 35 credits.

How many CMEatSEA cruises are you offering this year?

For 2021, we will be offering two plus cruises and in 2022, we will be offering four plus cruise conferences. Click here for details on our future sailings.

Will there be more CMEatSEA cruises next year?

Yes. The balance of the 2021-2023 sailings will be posted as soon as they are available. Visit our website regularly at for updates on next year’s exciting offers.

Are transfers included in CMEatSEA’s FREE AIR program?

Transfers are included for most programs.  Please check with your CME Coordinator for the sailing you are booking.  If you choose to arrive early or depart late and do a deviation, transfers are not included.

What is the cost for an air deviation with CMEatSEA?

CMEatSEA charges $99 CAD per person plus any differential from the airline.  If air is with the Cruise Line, please check for their deviation fees.