Here’s what our participants had to say about their CMEatSEA experience:

CMEatSEA was an excellent experience for me and my family.  Perfect combination of vacation and education.  Judy was very approachable and present to aid with any issues as they arose.  Will definitely attend other sessions in the future.
Dr. Rosean Andreou, Toronto ON

Great itinerary & destinations.  Excellent services from CMEatSEA.  Thank you Judy, Gwen for your attentiveness and all the pleasant surprise and enhancing the enjoyment of this cruise vacation for the whole family.
Dr. Laurence Chau, Oakville ON

Thank you for an excellent experience!
Dr. Andries Botha, Blairmore AB

Really enjoyed combining vacation with learning in a relaxed atmosphere.  Was great.  Thank you for a great time.  looking forward to the next one!
Dr. Vance Anderson, St. George NB

Excellent CME cruise.  Very well organized and put together including the social events and excursions.  Judy & Gwen were always available & helpful.  Excellent speakers and enjoyed getting to know the group and their families. 
I would recommend CMEatSEA to other physicians & will attend another CME in the future.
Dr. Janel Gracey, London ON

Excellent experience.  Very well organized by CMEatSEA members Judy & Gwen.  Excellent presentations. 
Dr. Shoba Wahi, Burlington ON

Excellent experience on cruise boat for our first time.  will definitely consider returning to CMEatSEA.  Great lectures and attentive staff.  Will recommend to colleagues.
Dr. Charles Lo, Halifax, NS

Well organized & it felt like ‘coming home’.  Good on you Judy & Gwen & rest of staff at CMEatSEA!!
Dr. Don Butt, Gabriola BC

The entire experience was wonderful (as Margaret Austrup had said it would be!). We were pampered beyond belief – Thank You. The ship is First Class, The CME was First Class (extremely well organized, educational & practical) and the gifts, tours, dinners, cocktail parties beyond our expectations. We are extremely impressed with CMEatSEA and will be back.
Dr. Bob Hunter, Waterloo ON

Excellent program overall. Attention to detail was excellent! Thanks for the experience!
Dr. Grant Gibbings, White Rock, BC

Jane & I are very appreciative of all the wonderful work done to make our voyage so pleasant. Thank you Sanjay, Catherine, Gwen, Michael & Daniel.
Dr. Dallas Grogan, Toronto, ON

Very good value in all respects – Education, relaxation, travel, accommodations, food & good times.
Dr. Paul Collins, Sherwood Park, AB

My first cruise experience – it will be very difficult to find a combination vacation/education experience that tops this trip. The quality of the education sessions was so good that it relieves any guilt I may feel from attending CME in such a relaxed setting!
Dr. Jane Mobley, Birmingham, AL

As ever, this CMEatSEA team proved to be the most attentive & genuinely concerned about our CME experience. There are no competitors or competition…
Dr. Roger Dodd, Edmonton, AB

This was an excellent conference. I really enjoyed the presentations by the speakers. The presence of different specialties contributed to a great deal of interesting discussion and learning. Of the three CMEatSEA cruises that I’ve done, this was by far the best.
Dr. Brian Simchison, Kingston, ON

I think your product is amazing!! And I want to participate again and again!!!
Dr. Jill Boulton

My compliments to Sanjay (and the team) – you are the epitome of an organized person who’s on top of all the facets of the experience and thinks of ‘perks’ faster than I can!
Dr. Gothard

Travelling and learning in paradise – what could be better!!!
Dr. Bob Thompson

Always interesting to be exposed to medicine in other cultures. We can learn a lot from each other, especially when ‘technology’ begins to take over. It is good to see a new reality.
Dr. Brian Hertwig

Both presenters, but particularly the one in Papeete, gave an interesting perspective of medicine (historically & present day) in French Polynesia.
Dr. Craig McInnes

The three we have attend as a family have been outstanding! Thank you for all the great memories.
Dr. Rick Sheppard, Mississauga ON

Have had 2 CMEatSEA tours. Enjoyed both very much. Programs were well presented and well organized.
Dr. Glenn Griffin, Trenton ON

Excellent Program. Excellent Speaker, topic, organization & personal care of Judy & Gwen.
Dr. S. Kalaichandran, North York ON

Many thanks to Judy, Gwen and the CMEatSEA team. Once again, an excellent cruise combining CME with relaxation and much needed time away with family. The quality of the speakers is always excellent and the topics timely and relevant. This was my 3rd cruise with CMEatSEA, and it won’t be my last.
Dr. Michael Rudd, Kentville NS

One of the best parts of the week. Excellent Speaker.
Dr. Laval Grimard, Ottawa ON

Engaging, thought provoking, interesting, Stimulating.
Dr. Zoia Sherman, Windsor ON

Very worthwhile to get perspective from foreign countries.
Dr. Brian Hasegawa, Stratford ON

Terrific speaker & researcher – very comprehensive assessment of many parameters. World class researcher.
no name

Excellent presentation, superb venue, brilliant speaker.
Dr. Andrew Tresidder, Chard UK, Presenter

We continue to be amazed at how CMEatSEA assembles and executes their adventures in education. We have developed such complete trust in Sanjay & Gwen to make each day unfold as it should. Amazing
Dr. Bob Fairbairn, Chatham ON

Best CME anywhere! Well organized; great speakers; great venue; great value! Thank You.
Dr. Sharon Sasaki, Erin ON

My ‘return’ experience has been just as pleasant and rewarding as my first course with you. You are a master of attention to detail Sanjay, and we, your clients, are the benefactors because of it. We hope to sail with you again. We will continue to spread the word in the Maritimes.
Dr. Garth Christie, Fredericton NB

A truly unique CME Experience. The attentiveness & concern of the CME staff was outstanding. The accessibility & real world focus of the speakers is to be found nowhere else in a CME. The focus on “having fun” while providing a rigorous CME experience was also unprecedented in my 25 yrs experience in attending CME Trips.
Dr. Herschel Lessin, New York

Again… the best CME.
Dr. Catherine Botting, Brooks AB

Such care and thoughtfulness was taken when considering the family members of the doctor involved in CME. All events were done with excellence and Judy & Gwen always put forth their best. Much appreciated for all their hard work. Truly felt we belonged to an extended family.
Dr. Wilson & Kathrin Leung, Niagara Falls ON

The best CME we’ve ever attended. The staff & speakers were excellent. Enjoyed all the gifts and other social events. Can’t wait to book our next trip with you! Thank you all for this wonderful CME Experience.
Dr. Allan Recto / Dr. Gesina Recto, Laredo TX

This was the best conference that I ever attended. Thank you guys! Congratulations!
Dr. Mira Keyes, Vancouver, BC

This was a fantastic CME, well done. My wife thoroughly enjoyed the Partner Program
Dr G. Thauli, Vancouver, BC

I was quite impressed with the quality of the CME. An awesome family vacation!
Dr. Paige Steciuk, Midhurst ON

Excellent Programs for partner and kids and the salmon bake was great
PL.TP, London ON

“Theme of mind ,body and soul is good. The stress on physician wellness was a strong point. Excellent well researched information on Alaska and what to see at each port”.
C.L. Windsor ON

‘The Kids Program was excellent definitely much better than we had been led to believe by both Cruise connections and Celebrity. If you offer a cruise during school breaks or the summer , it would be very worthwhile to promote the kids facilities, as this is a big issue to the parents”. “The course was very well organized. It’s obvious that a lot of effort went into ensuring the happiness of the delegates and their partners. The daily newsletters and gifts were a very nice touch. The finances were set up perfectly for tax purposes. You’ve developed a great program and you’re off to a good start , keep it up”!
S.D. Toronto, ON

I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you all on an absolutely wonderful experience, both as a speaker, and as a passenger. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Celebrity Cruises is a fabulous outfit, exceeded only by the services and attentiveness of CME@SEA. The kids had an absolutely wonderful time, as did my mother.
Dr. M. Gupta (Presenter) – Brampton. ON

It was a unique CME experience – combining travel, adventure, education and the company of warm and friendly people.  The presenters stimulated a log on introspection and self assessment with regards to care of the elderly in our own practice as well as our own families.  The partner program made the shared experience a highlight of this CME program.
Dr. Les Marien, Orangeville ON

I thought the CME Staff were outstanding – they did an excellent job of attending to every need with out being intrusive.  The daily updates were great & the gifts each evening a very thoughtful touch.  I can’t think of any other time in my career when I’ve gotten such attention – makes one feel very special.  It was wonderful for families to be included in this venture.  Thanks again for a really great experience – should be a compulsory part of one’s practice!
Dr. Beverly Galbraith / Dr. Terry Minuk, Oakville ON

At the end of our program, I would like to thank the organizing committee and Sanjay Goel in particular as well as the faculty for putting together an extraordinary program of CME garnished by well organized shore trips and on board activities.  Congratulations!!  A really great experience!  Hopefully see you soon!
Dr. Mladen Seidl, Toronto ON

Most intensive CME I have attended.  Excellent mix of delegates & spouses & very approachable lecturers.
Dr.  Richard Johnson, Brantford ON

This was the best organized of the 3 cruises that I have presented at. Your attention to detail was amazing. Family felt part of the experience.
Dr. Roman Jovey (presenter), Mississauga ON

Best way to Conference – travel / learning / family time all in one package!! Best type of holiday yet!
Dr. Paul Collins, Sherwood Park AB

I would like to commend Sanjay and his team for such a well run CME with such a superb list of speakers. My wife and I both enjoyed the wonderful cruising experience on board the Sapphire Princess. We look forward to another CMEatSEA voyage in the near future.
Dr. Chui, Willowdale ON

Overall I enjoyed this CMEatSEA very much. I have been on another CME by another company but I found this CMEatSEA to be better.
Dr. Mark Atin, Toronto ON

My first CMEatSEA and found it very enjoyable and most of all – updated myself and enjoyed it the whole time. I will recommend it – especially those with a family.
Dr. Simon Shiu, Vancouver BC

This is our 3rd CME cruise and was by far the best in terms of quality of the CME program. We appreciated the personal touch with the nightly news brief and the gifts were a touch of genius in making each participant feel special. Overall it was an enjoyable experience with excellent academic input. We would love to sail with you again! Congratulations on a job well done!
Dr. D. Singaram, Maple ON

You have a high caliber of speakers. I usually don’t expect to have this much new information from most seminars.
Dr. Anthony Lam, Calgary AB

It was the best cruise I have ever done! Judy and Gwen: Bravo! Merci Beaucoup!
Dr. Jean Pierre Beauchemin, Quebec QC

The Entire CME@SEA staff were overwhelming in their enthusiasm.
Each day was better than the last and we were truly sorry to realize we were on our way home.

R.B.S, Winnipeg. MB

Many thanks for this experience, your attention for our comfort, selection of study matter and the concept of widening the focus of our attention to the spiritual field is worthy of praise! I will recommend this experience highly to others and wish you continued success in all your endeavours.
Dr. R.Ludwig, Vancouver, BC

Firstly, allow me to congratulate all of you on a job well done. The CMEatSEA experience exceeded expectations. I dare say, there is almost no better way to travel or to get CME (and certainly no better way to do both at the same time).
Dr. B. Burko (presenter) – Montreal, QC

Anyone who did not have a good time on this CMEatSEA trip is probably not capable of having a good time!
Dr. Benjamin Klein, Montreal QC

WOW! Great Trip – many thanks!! Organization, venue, ship, concept all superb! Overall a fantastic experience I’d like to become a “regular”!!!
Dr. Michael Browne – Australia

This was an amazing vacation. CME tours were great! Hosts were also excellent!
Dr. Anila Seth-Sharma, Toronto ON

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, found the staff (CMEatSEA) to be extremely friendly and accommodating. Things were well-organized and I felt pampered. We will definitely consider another cruise in the future.
Dr. Rohit Kashyap, Houston TX

Thank you very much for an excellent experience! Once again – a wonderful touch “all-over”…
Dr. Andries Botha, Blairmore AB

Overall, our CMEatSEA experience has been a fantastic experience. It’s been our first cruise and first CMEatSEA – but most certainly will not be our last! Wonderful input, especially from Judy, Gwen & Michael who were great hosts thank you so much!!
Dr. Michelle Browne, Australia

Excellent experience for me as 1st time being on a cruise and I strongly recommend this experience to my friends. I am happy to repeat this experience again. Thank you!
Dr. Samar Raad, Temiscaming QC

Bravo on an extremely well organized CME Event/Cruise that ran seemingly without a glitch! Yet again the planning and implementation were fantastic. Thanks!
Dr. Alister Prout, Vancouver BC

Hats off to Judy, Gwen & Michael. All of you at CMEatSEA did a fantastic job – beyond expectation. We will definitely join you on another journey. I especially enjoyed the global experience lecture in Dubrovnik. I felt more connected to the people of Croatia.
Dr. Leonard Pastula, NY

Overall the conference was excellent! Kudos to Michael, Gwen & Judy for the excellent work they did. The speakers were great & highly informative.
Dr. Vernie Yee, Edmonton AB

We had a blast! The quality of lectures was superb. With the help of Michael, the sessions ran very smoothly. This CME has a very high educational value, and I find the legal discussions to be very interesting and useful as well. Judy and Gwen did an excellent job in organizing this course! It was totally hassle-free for us because of them. They looked after every little detail and we loved the nightly gifts, every single one of them! I would definitely sign up for another course again in the future, and would highly recommend CMEatSEA to my colleagues. Thank you very much for everything.
Dr. Alex Yeung, Edmonton AB

I had a great time on the cruise, and the CMEatSEA was an absolutely great experience. Judy, Gwen & Michael made the time fun and educational at the same time. The entrance into Venice was just amazing. In fact, the entire experience was one that we will remember forever. I am already looking forward to the Baltic cruise.
Dr. Barb Nathanson, Dundas ON

We were very impressed by the excellent work (and helpful & friendly service) of Gwen & Judy. The nightly gifts were a real treat. I was impressed by the speakers especially Dr. Bob Josse.
Dr. Donald Gladman, Calgary AB

This was a well planned, well executed CME. I’ll recommend it to colleagues.
Dr. E. Udoeyop, Cornwall ON

Excellent conference
Dr. Richard Millson, Kingston ON

Excellent value for the price.
Dr. Kevin Sheu, Vancouver BC

Well worthwhile. Refreshing approach to CME.
Dr. Peter Methven, Langley BC

My wife and I were overwhelmed by your hospitality, efficiency and excellence on this trip. We want to thank everybody that made this trip such a super experience. We will definitely see you on a future program! Thank you again!
Dr. Fanie De Nysschen, Cabri SK

Thank you guys for a great week! This is a great way to combine vacation & CME!
Dr. Frank Foley, Toronto ON

This is our 2nd CME with CMEatSEA. Quality speakers, advance course materials, good schedule onboard, social events and excellent service of the CME staff onboard contribute to an excellent CME event with a vacation.
Dr. S. Kalaichandran, North York ON

I wish to use this to thank Judy, Gwen and the other organizers for all the hard work that went into making the whole program a huge success. This was my first cruise and I loved it. It was so nice getting the gifts every night and I couldn’t wait to see what the gift of the day would be. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. I will surely attend another CMEatSEA program and recommend it to my friends.
Dr. Victoria Udoeyop, Cornwall ON

I think that this has been a wonderful week and I am very surprised that there weren’t more Americans attending the conference. I have already started putting the word out there with my colleagues and will continue to do so now that I know how nicely this has been put together. My husband & I are ‘cruisers’, though this is our 1st on Norwegian. This is our 4th Caribbean cruise and we still love the Caribbean waters. The conference times/schedule, I think worked out nicely. I appreciate the family orientated events. Overall I am very happy – it has been a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to do it again with CMEatSEA.
Mrs. Shannon Chavez, Palmdale CA

We had a great time. The presenters were excellent and we got through a great deal of information. Gwen & Judy were wonderful!
Dr. Geoff Morris, Oakville ON

At CMEatSEA you really are treated as ‘family’.
Dr. Bob Thompson, Drayton Valley AB

This was a wonderful CME. Dr. Josse was a terrific knowledgeable speaker. The wide variety of topics was interesting. NCL was a great choice to pair with – the service and amenities were good. We’ll be back!
Dr. Elisa Payne, Fort Smith AR

I really enjoyed the CMEatSEA and our 1st cruise. It was a very good balance of life, vacation and education. The CMEatSEA was very well organized.
Dr. Dennis Dahl, Moose Factory ON

Once again, a well organized CME event with top notch speakers and plenty of opportunity to socialize. The CMEatSEA team was very helpful and really made the cruise memorable.
Dr. Brian Simchison, Kingston ON

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Judy & Gwen. What an awesome job you have done. This event made myself and Judy feel completely part of a family of great friends. The presentations were clear and thought provoking. The information was all relevant. The pillow gifts were a pleasant surprise. NCL is an awesome company. The ship, the crew and the staff were 2nd to none. Everyone went beyond any of my expectations. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Lloyd Walton, Saskatoon SK

The CME was of excellent quality and it’s a great setting for learning and interacting.
Dr. Darragh, Calgary AB

I give the CMEatSEA organizers 5 stars. 100% Satisfaction.
Dr. Tao, Edmonton AB

Your management team is excellent – especially Gwen and Judy. The service is well appreciated. Your helpful and caring attitude has made our trip very special. We can not thank you enough and hope to see you again on our next CME cruise.
Dr. W. Srichandra, Winnipeg MB

Dr. Kline was one of the best speakers that I have ever had on a course. All the pillow gifts given out every night to us was a nice touch.
Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades, Fort St. John, BC

Speakers were of high quality, and the cruiseship was excellent. We both had a marvelous week. The concept is an excellent one and we would to see you again! Keep up the good work.
Dr. Garth Christie, Fredericton, N.B.

Very well Organized with every detail. Excellent speakers.
Dr. Harold Wight, St. Johns NFL

Pillow Gifts were a great idea.
Dr. Wayne Daviduck, Fort McMurray, AB

Transfers and so on were well done. Cruiseship learning environment was 5 out of 5. Course Content was great!
Dr. Lily Anna Hope, Stoney Creek, ON

The clinical medical portion of the conference, environmental medicine, and electronic medical records was first rate and very successful
Dr. J. Taylor, Toronto ON

Well organized, information speakers.  Staff very professional and friendly.  Nightly surprises were truly surprises.  Good balance between lectures and free time.  All in all a great way to make cruises have more meaning.  Thanks!
Dr. Marco Terwiel, Maple Ridge BC

Excellent Topics; Excellent Speakers; Great Fun; Fabulous Scenery; Great Time!! Thank You!
Dr. Donald Carom, Windsor ON

Overall an excellent first experience at cruising.  The CME staff were friendly, helpful and the Norwegian Sun was excellent!
Dr. Lakshmi Visvanatha, Calgary AB

An excellent education experience in a spectacular setting.  I can’t see how it could be much better!
Dr. Michael Laplante, Westmount QC

Overall a very positive experience.  Very impressed with NCL – crew, ship and facilities.  CMEatSEA personel all very helpful, professional and friendly.
Dr. Fouché Williams, Regina SK

A great program.  First time on a cruise and first time using CMEatSEA.  Staff on ship were very courteous and attentive.  Very much appreciated the extra service from Judy and Gwen.  Added a lot of value to the trip.  Enjoyed the extra events and parties – good way to meet others and add to vacation experience.
Dr. Vanita Gopal, Toronto ON

The CME team made this an exceptional experience for me as a speaker and I know the delegates and family members felt the same.  Ginny, Judy and Gwen were always approachable, participated in the activities and we felt very pampered.  Thanks a million!
Dr. Jacinta Meharchand (speaker), Toronto ON

Excellent program.  Well Done.  We enjoyed  CMEatSEA.  Thank you very much for organizing this event.
Dr. Chaozhe Jiang, Oakville ON

We felt that the ‘team’ and the faculty were sincerely devoted to ensuring that we had meaningful CME as well as a unique and memorable vacation experience.
Dr. Brian Keen, Red Deer AB

Enjoyed every single day on the ship – in the meetings and excursions.  Speakers were excellent and planning superb.  Looking forward to further learning and adventure.
Dr. Margaret Austrup, Waterloo ON

The best shore excursions were with CMEatSEA – no questions!  That extra personal touch, the little surprises, attention to detail and high standards in speakers.
Bottom Line – this was a great experience.
Dr. Bob Fairbairn, Chatham ON

3rd CME we have attended.  They get better & better!
Dr. Bob Thompson, Drayton Valley AB

Overall, a very well organized and presented program.  An excellent way to vacation, and get some “education” at the same time!
Dr. Jaspal Singh, Kentville NS

This, my first, CMEatSEA activity has been a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.  All teaching faculty were well informed and of high quality.  The social bonding was excellent, well planned, with very good follow through.  This experience has encouraged met o seek future opportunities of vacation and education.  I can not say adequately how attentive, helpful, accommodating Sanjay and Gwen have been.  Clearly they have been the backbone of this exceptional experience.  This is definitely a memory that will endure.  Thank you so very much for providing me this opportunity.
Dr. Allan Podawiltz, Arlington TX

The teaching was fantastic!
Dr. Frank Riedl, Petrolia ON

Thank you for inviting me.  The experience was much better than I expected.  I had a perfect balance of socializing, down time and work.  You do an excellent job!
Dr. Janet Wright, Speaker, Calgary AB

Great experience – enjoyed it thoroughly!
Dr. Gargi Bhatia, Lindsay ON

Thank you very much for your excellent care Gwen & Judy.  You are amazing!
Dr. Elena Somska, Toronto ON

Gwen & Judy are GREAT in making everyone feel welcome.  Judy really came through in the ship’s delay.  Thanks for them!
Dr. Stephen Holzapfel & Dr. Elaine Herer, Toronto ON

A wonderful experience overall!  Thank you for making everything special – your efforts showed!
Dr. Sandi Frank, Edmonton AB

CMEatSEA team was fantastic!
Dr. Antranik Bedros, Redlands CA

Thank you very much for organizing this excellent CMEatSEA event!
Dr. Li Wang, Calgary AB

Great Experience.  Great CMEatSEA Staff.
Dr. Bob Fairbairn, Chatham ON

Wonderful Experience.  Hope to see you on another cruise soon!
Dr. A. A. Akinyele, Collingwood ON

Dr. Kline was one of the best speakers that I have ever had on a course. All the pillow gifts given out every night to us was a nice touch.
Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades, Fort St. John, BC

Speakers were of high quality, and the cruise ship was excellent. We both had a marvelous week. The concept is an excellent one and we would to see you again! Keep up the good work.
Dr. Garth Christie, Fredericton, N.B.

Very well Organized with every detail. Excellent speakers.
Dr. Harold Wight, St. Johns NFL

Pillow Gifts were a great idea.
Dr. Wayne Daviduck, Fort McMurray, AB

Transfers and so on were well done. Cruise ship learning environment was 5 out of 5. Course Content was great!
Dr. Lily Anna Hope, Stoney Creek, ON

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank all of you for a wonderful cruise experience. We all enjoyed it even more than we thought we would. The Infinity is incredible. We both put on several (or more) pounds due to the fabulous food. I really enjoyed being in the Aqua Spa pool whenever it was raining outside. Don said the conference itself was very helpful and well organized. We also couldn’t believe the nice treats we found in our room at night. We will definitely recommend you all to any physicians interested in courses at sea.
Barbara McCulloch – Port Elgin, ON

Lorsque je me suis inscrite pour la croisière en Méditerranée avec CME@SEA, je n’étais pas sure d’aimer ce type de congres médical dans un contexte de vacances. J’ai été très agréablement surprise de découvrir que CME@SEA a développe un équilibre parfait entre la formation médicale, les activités organisées et les temps libres. Les éléments qui ont rendu cette expérience mémorable sont la qualité et la diversité impressionnante des conférences, le dévouement incessant de l’équipe de CME@SEA, le déroulement sans effort et sans embûche durant l’organisation du voyage, de la réservation jusqu’au retour, les échanges très enrichissants avec d’autre professionnels dans des domaines des plus diversifies (droit, finance, art, …), l’attention exceptionnelle porte aux détails, au confort et a la satisfaction de chacun, et enfin, l’excellent rapport qualité/prix de ce voyage. C’est une expérience que je recommande fortement a tous!
Dre. Andrée Gagnon, St. Jérôme, PQ

Nice touch with the individual formal portraits, all the pillow gifts and the cocktail party.
Dr R.Kung., Richmond Hill, ON

Excellent vacation and education opportunity. I think you have put together a great CME package.
Dr. D. Receveur, Cold Lake, AB

A truly memorable experience!
Dr D.Hunter, Regina, SK

The ship, beautiful! Program CME & presenters very high quality. Enjoyed ourselves enormously – will be back!
Dr. Elizabeth Vreede, Nanaimo, BC

All of the CMEatSEA staff were truly remarkable in their thoroughness and attention to detail. Excellent job! I really enjoyed participating in the week. Thank you!
L.L., Vancouver, BC

Excellent and most valuable, Professional, Social and Educational experience.
K.V., Saskatoon, SK

Would choose to do this again with your organization. Everyone on your staff is very presentable, thoughtful and professional.
Dr. Jayne Davis, Toronto, ON

CMEatSEA staff were all very pleasant and helpful and efficient and the technical assistance I had for my presentations was the best I have had anywhere.
L.M, Speaker, Canada

“What can I say CME@ Sea- A great idea by great guys, keep on doing it”.
S.B., Napean, ON

Very good CME organizers and facilitators, overall this has been a very enjoyable program and vacation.
D.W Vancouver BC

“I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and the CME portion”. “I would definitely do CME @ Sea again in the future”.
BK Calgary AB

“ I appreciated the timing of sessions to allow maximal participation in non- course activities”.
J.N. Manotick ON

“Overall I think the program is very well run. The small gifts each night are very good way to end each day. Cruises are a good alternative to the traditional conference style CME”.
A.C., North York ON

“The little treats every evening were a wonderful extra touch-Thanks.” “I enjoyed this cruise immensely, It was fun to learn”.
A.H. ,Burlington ON

I wanted to enhance my knowledge of neurology, and I did.
A C, Ottawa, ON

The general attitude of all the CMEatSEA crew, thoughtfulness of all the gifts, and the evening newsletter.
J.B. Vancouver, BC

I found the high quality presentations most beneficial
P.C., Williams Lake, BC

This conference and cruise exceeded my expectations. I would recommend CMEatSEA to all my colleagues.
Dr. David Goulet

A class act! Excellent medical formant and a premiere destination and cruise line..
Dr. Rod McKenney / Dr. Wanda Brown

Very nice trip, extremely well organized and impressive conference..
Dr. Pierre David

1st time attendee with CMEatSEA. Judy – cannot say enough about her – organized, well thought out, supportive and effective. As an organizer to this program, obviously this program would not be able to function without her. Topics were relevant to my area of practice (OBGYN) and especially useful was the topic of complementary medicine that I will attempt to incorporate in both professional and personal life. Overall, excellent experience both educational and enjoyable. Cannot wait for my next CME experience with CMEatSEA. I can attest that I attended every lecture – something I have not been able to accomplish in recent memory at other CME programs! .
Dr. Rhee

I like the moving focus towards integrative health. This was my first CMEatSEA conference and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a wonderful experience all round. Thank you.
Dr. Sala Webb

I love this conference. Smooth, well prepared, useful, interactive. Could not be better..
Dr. Pierre Tessier