Shipboard Accommodations

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Is a balcony stateroom worth the extra money?

This is a matter of personal preference. Do you like to look outside every morning and see what it is like outside? Do you savour the idea of sitting out on your own private verandah sipping your morning coffee? ( Your answers to questions like these will help you decide if you should spend the extra money on a balcony stateroom.


What is the difference between staterooms on the lower decks and those up higher?

On today’s newer ships, there are basically four types of cabins: Inside Cabins – these are cabins without windows; Ocean-view Cabins – basically the same size as inside cabins only they have port holes or picture windows. Deluxe Cabins – about the same size or slightly larger than an ocean-view cabin and may have a private balcony which adds to the overall square footage of the cabin; and Suites – significantly larger than other cabins on the ship and often with a private balcony. You will find the Deluxe Cabins and Suites on the higher decks of a cruise ship, so yes; there is a difference here. However, Standard Inside Cabins or Standard Oceanview Cabins are basically all the same on any deck.



If I think the motion of the ship might affect me, where should I choose a cabin?

While motion sickness shouldn’t be a major concern on today’s ships, you should still know the best way to avoid it if possible. The best location on board to minimize the affect of the ship’s motion is the middle of the ship. Cabins on the lower decks, closer to the bottom of the ship, are less affected by motion than those on higher decks. The higher you are, the greater the potential to feel a left to right rolling motion. Today’s ships are fully stabilized making your cruise comfortable in virtually any location. As a matter of fact, if motion discomfort were such an issue, the premium suites on a ship wouldn’t be at the top and near the front. To make sure you get the best cabin for you, book early. Additionally, motion sickness medications can also help relieve any symptoms you may have.



How many people will fit in my cabin?

Most cruise ship cabins are built to accommodate two passengers. However, there are many on each ship that can accommodate three and four guests quite easily.



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