Mind, Body & Spirit – A fresh approach to CME

The successful practice of medicine requires assessment skills, knowledge of practice guidelines and the ability to inspire your patients to change their behavior for the sake of their own health. Our approach to CME explores all of these areas, with an emphasis on how to implement your learnings the day you return to your practice.

Our curriculum is focused in five areas:

Western Medicine

Evidence-based medicine attempts to ground the art of medicine in science. Our physician presenters discuss evidence-based medicine and guidelines, and the more challenging task of implementing those guidelines in everyday practice. They will also focus on areas of medical uncertainty, where guidelines may not yet exist.

Traditional/Alternative Medicine

Traditional/Alternative medicine refers to medical traditions and methods of treatment that may not be based on scientific discovery, but rather, upon long histories of therapeutic experience. These therapies include nutritional and herbal medicine, yoga and meditation, relaxation training and stress management, biofeedback and acupuncture, and oriental medicine. The absence of scientific validation often presents Western physicians with challenges in integrating these therapies into your practices. Our physician presenters have expertise in these areas that will help to heighten your understanding of how to integrate traditional and alternative medical treatments.

Practice Management

Our program concentrates on the use of applicable business models in medical practices. Whether we’re discussing the “paperless” office, or Internet technology as it applies to medicine, these business models will help improve your professional and operational efficiency. Physicians with demonstrated leadership and teaching skills in relevant business fields will present and share their experiences.

Wealth Management

Together with experts in the area of wealth management, we will look closely at the financial services tailored to high net worth individuals. We’ll discuss banking services, asset allocation, retirement and estate planning, life and disability insurance, and criteria to use in choosing a financial advisor. Our presenters will focus on the practical use of financial planning tools to help you manage your own savings, investment, and insurance programs, and provide insight into working well with your financial services providers.

Physician’s Health

Our program examines physician health issues (like addiction, substance abuse, suicide, depression, marital disharmony), while also taking a more complete view of ourselves as physical, mental and spiritual beings. Our presenters will explore the integration of mind, body, and spirit, while at the same time helping to create a better understanding of the health challenges many physicians face – and at times, even help to create. (modafinil order online reddit)

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