Data Rooms and Capital Raising

Data rooms are well known to create value for companies that are acquiring, but they also bring enormous benefits for companies that are seeking capital. As a central point to organize, share, and managing the crucial documents that investors need to review in their due diligence process and a virtual Data Room allows you to accelerate the fundraising process and increase confidence in your company’s performance.

Choosing what to include in your investor data room is a daunting task for founders. Although the needs of each business are different, the majority of investors are looking for the same things. To help you get started, we’ve put together an overview of common documents to include in your investor data room, along with suggestions of how best to organise them.

A simple PDF of your pitch, which you could keep in the same folder as your other documents, is a fantastic way to quickly engage investors. It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate that you take your transparency and communication with investors seriously.

Including past investor updates shows that you’ve always taken their feedback into account, and are willing to share with them even when the results haven’t been as good. In addition to providing evidence of your ability through a difficult time the updates can show the deepness of your relationships with backers and build confidence in the process of investing. Tracking capabilities within your Data Room allows you to observe which investors are interacted with the documents, and the amount of time they spend in each folder. This will give you an idea of the level of commitment investors have to investing and will provide you with the information needed to make a good decision.

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